Speakin’ of Devils…

​Speak of the devil, but speak easy

It’s all in the lies of the one who sees me

The devil’s face has no race

No place for race, no place for race

You can’t judge a book by its cover

Or another by their color

We’re all diluted, disillusioned, no solution, no inclusion

Integration or assimilation? Future fate of this great nation

Brown wears the crown, now who’s a minority?

Watered down white, a worldwide majority

I got friends, they come in all colors

The white boys, eses and my black brothers

Speak of evil, not racist revel 

Land a hand to the man and buck the devil
Speak of the devil 

I got a plan

Kill the devil

And save the man
Hear no, see no, speak no evil

All good people, created equal

But the people kept on racing 

Runnin’ for my life cause you kept chasing

Sort of like Jason, more like Michael

ELD cut it up like Psycho 

Fingers like Freddy, swing the machete 

Gotta Keep on Tryin’ “But they neva gonna catch me!”

Color me, whatcha like

You can call me black or call me white

But you can’t paint a picture with one color

I live vivid, in living color 

So many shades, so many tones 

But under the skin, just flesh and bones

Don’t you speak before you think

Cause black is brown and white is pink
Speak of the devil 

I got a plan

Kill the devil

And save the man
I’m not an advocate, but damn I trip

A brother sweat another for the color of skin 

Common enemies and common problems 

A little Common Sense and we can slove them

Spot a devil buck em back to hell

Spot a devil buck em back to hell 

Buck em back to hell and watch em burn

Teach the children so they learn

I know heroes have a thousand faces

I know devils have a thousand races

Ignorance is bliss, so I’m pissed

See a smile on the face of a racist

I have to take a stand cause I won’t kneel

Won’t make a deal with the devil cause I don’t don’t deal

But I’ll deal with the devil to save my soul

And if the sheets try to creep, then it’s sheets I fold


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