Between Then and When

Meditate on being in the Now…
Start with 5 minutes of conscious breathing-
Nothing else exists except this moment 

Take me back to the present
Take in breathes and consider them as fresh, new and calming 

This is the secret substance that returns me to Now

As I exhale I release the regret of the past and the anxiety of the future

In with the new and out with the old

Recognize this moment as perfect as a Higher Power would have designed it
A Power greater than myself made all of this exactly as it is supposed to be 

I accept this gift, sometimes begrudgingly but the more I practice the more comfortable I become with being here
The Universe wants me to be at equalibrium…balanced, centered and grounded

I become willing to listen to the nothingness

I am the most protected and safe in the present 

I choose to pause and become familiar with what is around me

I am a part of

Make me whole
I imagine I am precariously perched on a stack of dimes, jumping rope in the eye of a tornado

I try not to fall into the past and I do my best no lean too far into the future 

I am calm in the chaos

I am serene


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