The more you keep drinking

The more you think she’s winking

So you say, “How ya doing? Do you know what I’m thinking?”

She looks up and says “Yo! Just do it”  

Just must bust, I mean run right through it

No icebreakers, you just melt her

Sultry sweet in a sweating swelter

With the look you wanna know better

Satin, silk, she was suede like leather

Dumbstruck, so what the fuck

Step in the foxhole and try your luck

Suavé, style shifting, steady sifting through women

A black and tan show, Just grinding to the rhythm 

No chance of romance so take your pick

Step to the dance floor and feel the music

And when you reach your threshold loose control

Then you grab a fleshhold, in the foxhole 
Pleasantly goggled, your mind is boggled 

1st inclination, thought gotta be a model

Foxtrot hot, mentally disrobe her

You’re beer enhanced but you know you do it sober 

Drip drip drop, a drop of her essence 

The scent of a woman, makes you reminisce 

Beauty, a joy to behold forever

The honeycooler coming clear and clever

Watch her falter, fluster, eyelids flutter

Frazzle, sizzle, stutter, shiver, shutter 

Never missing kisses, Just kissing the misses

Oodles and oodles, kabootles of kittens

They won’t kiss and tell if you don’t flaunt

Singles fla-mingle, come nonchalant 

Step in the stronghold, brave and bold

Out from the cold, in the foxhole
Lookin lookin lookin for the pick of the litter

She’s not buzzed so I know your gonna get her

Find a little playmate, get it straight

Sexual, sensual, it’s gotta be consensual 

Music sets the mood as you start to groove

You bump and grind, as she makes her move

Stories untold, don’t withhold 

Come behold, in the foxhole 


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