Guest post – My Daughter

​Good night Daddy,
Sleep well tonight.
Turn the tv off and shut off the lights.
Climb in the covers and close your eyes tight.
And dream of a place, where there is no fright.
Dream of no segregation, who’s black and who’s white?
Dream of a beautiful woman, you call her your wife.
Dream of a sunset, the colors vivid and bright.
Dream of a plane, soaring in flight.
Dream of a princess, and you are the knight.
Dream of a cake, full of sugar and delight.
Dream you are gliding, just like a kite.
Dream of a waterfall, a breathtaking sight.
Dream happily ever after, where it all turns right.
But remember the small difference, between dreams and real life. 
Go out and be happy, and do what you’d like.


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