Old Behavior

​ “Short comings” are principles that I fail to manifest in day to day relationships. They are what I don’t do, the areas that I fall short of with respect to ideals that I seek to practice in daily life.

“Defects of character”  are undesirable principles that I act on through behavior and attitude. These are the things that I do which I have found unacceptable and separate me from healthy relationships.

Together, short comings and defects of character are the “exact nature of my wrongs.” When I act out or fall short of the mark, I block myself from nurturing positive connections with the larger Universe.

I don’t expect that all of my defects or shortcomings will ever be completely removed, but I do believe that by becoming self aware, having a new attitude and practicing new behavior, that I can learn a new way to respond to life. There are more options than the fight or flight I used to rely on. 

What used to serve me no longer works. When I fall back on my default instincts, I rob myself from change and growth.  My primary purpose is to heal myself, others and the larger whole. shedding my old way of life allows me to be of maximum service to all. 

I am culpable in all I do.

I am aware of how I have reacted to life.

I am ready and willing to do different and be more. 

I am responsible for how I act. 

I am accountable for who I am.
~ S.D.
“It’s not old behavior if I am still practicing it…”


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