Suffer Through 

Suffering is part of the human condition. 

I have been blessed with the capacity to feel. 

Without the pain of suffering a tear becomes indistinguishable from a smile.

I know not why.

My only job is to endure and overcome despite fear and uncertainty.

I grow closer to something greater than my limited comprehension and I am comforted.

I am a part of something more.

The level of suffering I experience is directionally proportional to the amount I can rely on faith that the Universe is not centered around my struggles.

Faith becomes the bridge from fear to freedom.

I am merely comprise one tiny part of the whole. 

I waste time focusing on how different I wish things to be.

The task before me is to seek acceptance and find gratitude with what is.

I must balance a vision for what could be with the reality of my condition.
In Universal time…

On Universal terms…

According to a Universal plan…


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