We’re Facebook “Friends”

​This is for you

(Yes, you! Stop scrolling and read this for a sec)-
Facebook can be many things to many people at different times…
I have found Facebook can be a forum for opinions, ignorance and humor; it has been an escape and a complete waste of time; it is an amplifier of my own insecurity, isolation and depression; it is a reminder of hope and the good in others; it is a place to brag and boast; it is educational and entertaining; it can be a source of news and information;  it’s a great spot to reconnect, rekindle and stay in touch with people close and far away…
It’s all those things and more…I will stop short of saying it’s all good or all bad…it is exactly what we make of it…
Today, Facebook was another reminder that I have true friends…not just “Facebook friends,” people who actually took time out of their day to remember me and make me feel special.
Thank you all. 
I am pretty sure I  responded personally to everyone’s messages and let you all know how much I appreciate the acknowledgements, the praise, the humor and the ego-checking. If I missed you, I apologize…let me know…


The older I get the less significant birthdays become to me. What was once “my” day is now just another one of many. I choose to recognize my mom and my kids, I owe everything to them.
You are the icing on my birthday cake. To be recognized, appreciated and noticed makes me feel good…Thank you for making this day a special one. You celebrated me, and in return, I celebrate all of you. I am defined by the people I stand next to and those who stand next to me. I am touched that I get to travel this journey with such a caring and eclectic group of oddballs.
As we grow old, we grow old together…that is what  friendship means to me! Thank you for being a part of this mad, mad world.
Much love,


2 thoughts on “We’re Facebook “Friends”

  1. Your one of the best human beings I know. Love to hear about your love and gratitude and just life stuff in general. Thank you Sean for everything you do and stand for. Your friend, Danny

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