Riddled with Mystery  

I am a paradox
I had to suffer to get well

I surrendered to win

I died in order to live

I give what I have away so that I may keep it
I am an enigma 
I confounded yet aware

I can be still while in action

I have been blessed with every curse

I am exactly like you and completely unique
I am a conundrum


20 thoughts on “Riddled with Mystery  

  1. You know philosophically speaking consciousness itself is a contradiction. One of the philosophers I like who still alive who they call the Elvis of philosophy, he likes to say”something terrible happened”, “some big mistake”, and he means this in the sense of looking at consciousness with reference to reality or the universe or something like that, because the knowledge that we have when we reduce things upon logical lines in what we call philosophy, often enough we get to a point where we have to admit that there just is no linear explanation any longer, so he likes to say that human consciousness is a mistake a disaster a catastrophe, that something went terribly wrong, because in the line of reasoning we inevitably come upon consciousness that disrupts the whole line of thought that might explain why consciousness might exist.

    So it is not inconsistent, oddly enough, to see one’s life is a paradox. And one can say that spirituality shows these paradoxes in a very clear way, that to notice these paradoxes is in itself a spiritual understanding. And another strange way that our lives indeed were a disaster and they are no longer says something about spirituality what is spiritual and even the conclusions of philosophy.

    Happy 24 hours.

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