A Canoe 

​I am a canoe.
I float in the stream of life. I cling to the illusion of control as I try to paddle and steer. I am at mercy of the unseen currents. 
The water and the wind take me where they may. I pretend I guide the course, but it amounts to struggling against the inevitable. My flailing causes splashes and ripples that disturb the stream’s natural state. The more I lean in any direction, the more I risk upsetting glide of my hull against the liquid body all around me. I must remain buoyant.


The reality of my condition is to enjoy the ride. I am simply one tiny vessel traveling the same stream as my fellows. We draw near and we drift apart. Each tributary varies but the water flows to the same destination.

I am a canoe.
~ S.D.


2 thoughts on “A Canoe 

  1. Cool

    A friend in my home group uses the analogy of that he’s in a boat and he used to try and steer the boat everywhere he would row and he would be steering and End up beached and end up falling out and all sorts of terrible things.

    He says now he just rows and God steers.

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