The Sendr

What I am about to share isn’t really common knowledge. Most won’t believe it, and those who do, won’t likely understand. But as an Agent of Change,  I have to try to tell you.
Long, long ago, in the days of gnomes, half-giants, thundacatz and wildthings, there existed a close order of high priests known only as the Sendrs. The Sendrs were a group dedicated  to elevating consciousness through healing, growth and change. 
Sendrs transmitted Love, Light and Laughter on innumerable levels. They were poets, artists, musicians and performers from many walks of life, who lived among their fellow human beings relatively unnoticed for their great works. They gave freely of their gifts, expecting nothing in return. This free exchange of energy brought all those who experienced it closer. And for awhile, things were good.
Soon Kings, Queens, Generals and Politricksters began to divide up the land, and with it the people. In a time when gold and wealth were the new all mighty gods, it was only a matter of time before the Sendrs were driven deeper and deeper into hiding. 
Eventually, the spiritual became overpowered by the material and the Sendrs lost their way. With no formal organization or direction, the Sendrs vanished without a trace. And when they disappeared, their message of hope was all but lost. Enough became too little and everyone only wanted more. Loving became a chore, Laughing cost a fee and the Light began to dim.
Years became decades and the decades spanned centuries. Little pockets of Love, Light and Laughter still existed, but the Sendrs were never seen. All that remained was stuff of legends and lore. The only memory of days past was a feeling deep in the bones of those who  could see past themselves.

​Then a few years ago I met a person who explained to me, what I now explain to you- the Sendrs never died. They still walk among us, unseen but present. Their bloodline courses through the veins of all of us. The genetic marker of the Sendrs lays dormant waiting to be energized. This genetic  trait can only be activated by another Sendr who is awakened. Once awake the Sendr is unable to deny the birthright, we all share. Once aware, the transformation cannot be reversed. It can only grow. 
If you are reading this then you have been called upon. You have been activated. From this moment on you will only continue to grow in this shared connectedness. 
Love, Light and Laughter has been sent. You are the recipient …and now you are the Sendr.
~ S.D. 


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