Knew Love 

​In the last few years I grew up. 
I became a whole human being. I am becoming the person I was truly intended me to be, and all the while it was right there with me. Even apart, love didn’t fade. I passed many trials and tribulations and here I am- still healing from the damage done, still embracing a Power Greater than myself  and still pushing forward. 
Birth was a painful process, re-birth was worse. The growing pains, the mistakes, the wrongs, the fear of becoming something unfamiliar and trusting something that has hurt me before, are all overwhelming and at times paralyzing.  I believe that pursuing love was a choice, but finding it was something that was much more powerful than me. It is something that I couldn’t control. It is something that I wouldn’t change even if I could. 
I was presented with opportunities and challenges alike…all are blessings, all make me who I am and who I am supposed to be- linked heart and soul, mind body and spirit. 
I am one of the fortunate ones who has everything I need to live a life of limitless potential. I found something special. People search a lifetime for it…
I found myself. 
I know Something Greater than me. 
All because I knew love.
Thank you 



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