Suicidal Tendencies 

Have you ever…?
​Have you ever stood on the edge of a cliff crying, wanting not care just enough so that you could jump?

Have you ever sat in an empty bathtub with a razor pressed against your wrist, too terrified to move?

Have you ever spent an afternoon crafting a noose to hang yourself with, but you couldn’t follow through?
I have. 

I have been desperate, scared and lost. 

I have wanted a quick, permanent fix for temporary, short term misery. 

I have had no solution.

I have wanted to give up.
In these times- 

I remember: nothing is forever, except death; everything will change eventually; and if worse comes to worse, I can always choose to die tomorrow. 

I pray to something I am not always sure is there.

I am honest with another human being.

I search for someone who looks like I feel and ask them, “How I can help?”

I’m still alive and you are not alone.
~ S.D. 


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