You can tell an alcoholic, you just can’t tell em much…  

​They TOLD me remember how bad it was.

But my memory always seemed to fail me.
They TOLD me not to drink between the meetings.

But somehow I continued to get drunk.
They TOLD me not to do ‘nothing, no matter what.’

But I kept getting loaded.


They TOLD me meeting makers make it.

But I was dying in my seat…
Then, one person took me aside and said he had a solution…
1. He explained to me about my illness and let me admit I was sick just like him.
2. He showed me there was hope and that I could have it too.
3. He presented me with a decision and a commitment to live an incredible life, different than I the one I had known.
4. He encouraged me to honestly look at how I had been living, examining the causes and conditions of my predicament.


5. He listened to my truth and cared for me more than my feelings, looking at patterns of my behavior.
6. He taught me how to be willing to become more and embrace change in myself.
7. He prepared me to be humble, in acceptance and ready for whatever would be.
8. He waited for me to reflect on my past and take ownership of my wrongs.
9. He held my hand while I started to restore broken relationships and balanced the scales I had thrown off through my actions.
10. He watched me learn to be  accountable and grow more responsible each day.
11. He suggested I continously nurture myself, others and the Universe; asking for help and direction; pausing; and developing daily vision.
12. And finally, he TOLD me the only way I could be free -to truly laugh, live and love- was to have purpose, to help another the same way he helped me…
He walked with me, side-by-side, through the steps…and the ONLY thing he ever “told” me was to be of service to the next person struggling.
I don’t ever have to ‘keep coming back…’

Today, I will stay.


4 thoughts on “You can tell an alcoholic, you just can’t tell em much…  

  1. I wonder why we come to it kicking and screaming we don’t need this? Every single person in recovery that I know has had to be forced to look in a mirror……..god I hate mirrors. We all have to go through the crap, the vomiting, the headaches, the lost jobs, the lost loves……why are we all so blasted stubborn I wonder? I went to meeting after meeting and still got drunk..where was this famous recovery everyone was speaking of? I never saw it…….until a person simply held my hand and quietly said “we love you for you. You need to love yourself too”. That was the only thing he ever told me..everything else was a suggestion. and it clicked. And today I am sober. And today I will think about today. It’s worked for over 30 years now…just thinking about today. I wish for you ten bazillion todays. ❤

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