Ashtyn- 15, 16, 17, 18

​On this morning, 15 years ago, I cut the cord that teathered my son to his mother, helping to usher him on his journey through this most amazing world. 
Today, I can see how truly blessed I am to have this young man in my life. You have shown me that its never too late to be whoever I want to be.
Everyday I am grateful for, and proud of, who you are as a person. You are an incredible human being.



The last time I didn’t see you on your birthday was 6 years ago.The guilt and shame I felt was so much that 10 days later I was rehab. 
I have been clean and sober ever since. I gave you life and you saved mine.
Love you, son


17 years ago on 10-10, my beautiful baby boy was born. I have spent everyday since, doing my very best to be the dad I wanted.  I have fallen short. I have been ill.  I have been weak. I have been wrong. But I have always done my best. 
The biggest achievement has been overcoming my selfwill to co-parent with my baby’s momma. Without her none of this would be possible. I am grateful for both of my kids, and my relationship with my ex.
Today, I celebrate my first born- a good kid and a fine young man. Watching him grow and seeing him make good choices in life makes me proud to be his father…excited about another day on this journey. 
Thank you for being you, son. 


Today, you turn 18. My 1st born. It’s a huge rite of passage for you, as well as myself. The law says that today you become an adult. Yet, I have watched you very closely the last few years. When faced with choices that all children face, you have made decisions like a grown man. You have been more “adult” than the majority of your peers. 
You still face challenges and are seeking your path in life. You still face growth and a journey of wonder ahead of you. Hopefully, none of that will ever change. The only thing I wish for you is to continue to do the next right thing. With this, you will never fail. 
I look at you and see my little boy, hidden somewhere inside the frame of a giant…my baby, my boy,  my man…My son.
Proud of you today, as much as I was proud of you yesterday, and the day before. I can’t wait for tomorrow. 
Love you, Dad


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