Chapter 3: More About Alcoholism (the unauthorized ‘lost’ pages)

​A man of 40, a friend we shall call Sean, was a foreman and a climber for a tree service. Sean was a bright man with a keen eye for detail. An intelligent person, relatively normal in every respect, except for the inability to control and enjoy his drinking.


A man of average means, good temperament and a strong work ethic, Sean was well liked. But he was also alcoholic. After 26 years of drinking, the progression of his alcoholism found our friend at a local rehabilitation facility known for the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction, for the third time.
His mind was as damaged as his body, he knew he would not survive with or without drugs and alcohol. He had driven all who were close to him away as a result of his inabilty to stay stopped. Sean feared there was no hope of recovery and knew that he would soon die or go permanently insane.


We met with him at the institution for rehabilitation and told him what we knew of alcoholism. Admitting he drank like us, he readily accepted the first proposal, conceding that he too was indeed an alcoholic. We presented him with the solution we had found. With firm conviction and resolve, he surrendered to the program of action we offered. That day, he commited and made a beginning, and quickly his life began to change.
Upon discharge from the facility, Sean spent a year in a halfway house for alcoholics and addicts alike. Health restored, he commenced the enlargement of his spiritual life, resentment and fear fell from him as he cleaned up the past. Within a few months, he had found a Power Greater than himself that lead to spiritual awakening sufficient to overcome his chronic illness. A complete psychic change relieved him of the obsession to drink. Awareness of his shortcomings and ego deflation, provided a cornerstone for his new life.
Firmly rooted in a fellowship beyond his dreams, in a short time, this man who had no power of his own, with respect to his alcoholism, found a new design for living that removed his drink problem. Employable and his affairs in order, this man set about restoring the relationships he had so badly damaged. Sean discovered a new purpose and new direction. This once broken man found hope and began to share that message with all who suffered as he once did.
Sean found faith in a Power Greater than himself, cleaned house and continues to help others. He has recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body through the formula outlined in this book for permanent sobriety. His daily reprieve remains contingent on the growth of his spiritual condition. This was many years ago. He has not returned to the drink or the drug.
~ S.D.
Thank you for 8 years


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