30 Years and counting 

I spent some time in reflection of last night’s 30 year Santa Cruz High School reunion. I am not sure if anyone felt what I did, but I wanted to put those feelings into words. 
I saw all of us, former classmates, children we grew up with, who have grown into the adults we never thought we would become. Some of us have found a path, some of us are still developing and growing, but all of us are truly good, well-intentioned human beings.


Besides nostalgia for the way things were, I felt a deep appreciation for the way things are. In times of great confusion, division, anger and crazy politics, what I walked away with is that our community …our tribe, is a model for how things can be. 
Despite cliques, differences and petty rivalries …despite ourselves, we are an amazing extended family, filled with genuine respect for one another. I looked out amongst my peers and my heart was truly filled with gratitude for every single person in the room.
I hope those of us who didn’t make it to the actual event, share vicariously and know you were missed. I send healing thoughts and prayers to the families of those of us who have passed- we have not forgotten. And for all who were there, I thank you for reminding me what a special group of people we are. 
If I could ask one thing of everyone who reads this post, it would be to carry the same love you brought to the reunion out into the rest of this world, as I am sure you already have.
Hug people. Look them in the eye. Have real conversations- speak from the heart and listen with compassion.  Celebrate our diffences and rejoice in our similarities. Dance. Laugh. Cry. Be there for one another. We must be the example we want to see in this world.  
I walked away from this experience with more love than I came with, and I got it from you- that is all I have ever wanted. 
Thank you for being my tribe,
Sean Davis

Class of ’86


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