Deep Within

​The Creator of all things great and small,    watched with skepticism as humans ran amok with no sense of purpose or direction. The Grand Creator had a plan, but the people were not ready for it. 

The Mighty Maker assembled a counsel of the wisest of creatures to assist in keeping the great plan from the humans until they were ready to understand it. 
“As you know, the secret to being is to be connected, to heal, to grow and to help one another on the journey, but sadly man and woman are not evolved enough to practice this simple life. I have convened this counsel with the hopes that you, the most wise of all my creations, help me in finding a hiding place for this Great Fact so that we may protect it until the humans are ready to accept it.”
The dolphin, the most intelligent creature in the sea offered first, “I know what to do. I shall take this Great Fact with me and bury it deep, deep beneath the ocean to keep it safe.”
The Creator said, “You know humans, they are a tenacious lot. They will explore deep into our majestic seas and they will find it.”
The Raven, observant of all, forever watching from the sky, had an idea, “I will take the Great Fact with me. I will fly to the tallest mountain, find the tallest tree and there I will place our secret.”
“No, no,” the Creator replied, “Humans are ambitious and persistent. They will climb the mountains, cut the trees and they will find the Great Fact before they are ready.”
The blind mole was very clever- seeing without sight and extremely adept at hiding things where they wouldn’t be discovered. Mole, who was usually content to just listen spoke next, “I know where neither man or woman will ever think to look. I purpose we take the Great Fact of human existence and we put it deep down inside everyone of them.”
Satisfied the Creator made it so. Since then, the secret of human existence has laid deep inside every single one of us waiting to be discovered. To find the Great Reality, we must look within.
~ S.D.


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