Beware The Traveller 

​Hi, my name is…
He showed up amongst our Fellowship one day,

Solution in tow, but would he stay?
A suit, the book, powerful words,

And when he spoke, a message was heard.
But when his lips moved, I stared at his feet,

The way he walked when on the street.
Each step confirmed my suspicion, 

Preying on the herd- a different mission.
Touting the Promises, but how did he live?

He took, he took and never did give.
Hurting those who needed help,

The self-centered  seeking self. 
Once exposed, he left in a hurry,

The light shines, the cockroach scurries.
We are responsible for our sisters and brothers,

Another reminder, some are sicker than others…
Beware the Traveller 


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