Down, Sit, Stay

​In recovery, I am the clumsy golden retriever puppy, trying to find my way. I have giant paws and no idea of my surroundings. I am awkward with an incredible exuberance for life. I bound into a room, eager to please and filled with uncontrollable excitement. I lack grace, wisdom and common sense. I have the best intentions, but I am unsure and unpredictable. I knock over people’s favorite possessions without thought, not realizing how important they are. I track mud into rooms, chewing things that aren’t mine to gnaw on. I pee on the floor and poop in the corner. I hump legs and leave hair on people’s clothes. I howl through the night wishing someone would notice me and give me the attention I desire. On ocassion, I growl and bark at strangers for no reason. I don’t want to harm anyone, but I nip at the heels of those I admire and follow. Once, I even bit the hand that tried to feed me, the same one who praised me and took me in when I was a stray. I am annoying as I learn. I don’t always know, but I want to do better. Be patient with me. What you will find is that I am now a part of this family. I will return the love you’ve shown me and I will grow to be a most loyal companion as we walk side by side through this New Way of Life.
~ S.D.


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