Love Trumps Hate


[*This is not a political post or an endorsement of any political party.]
Yesterday, I awoke to one of the most spiritually toxic days I have felt in the last 8 years. So much anger, frustration and fear radiating from the majority of people I came in contact with. 

While neither candidate was my ideal choice and one scares me more than the other, I was extremely disheartened for several reasons, the least of which, were the actual results of the race for presidency. I was upset at my fellows’ decision to chose hate over love. I was dismayed to find that the majority of this country doesn’t think like me or refuses to voice its’ opinion. But most of all, I was saddened by the lack of hope expressed by the masses. 

I am willing to attribute most of these disheartening revelations to initial shock and unmet expectation. There is no choice but acceptance of what is. Acceptance has little to do with right or wrong, good or bad. Acceptance is not a free-pass to do nothing. Acceptance is not indifference. Acceptance is simply that it is the way it is. The question is “Now what?”

I have learned that I will always have fear, but I know that fear shrinks when I have courage and hope. Hope is not a wish. Hope is a decision to be in action and work toward a desired goal, regardless of the obstacles put before us. 

I have lived without hope and it’s miserable. I have learned a different way. I know that change starts with me. I believe human beings are here to heal, help and grow together. No election will change that truth for me. I believe happiness and contentment is not a destination, but a byproduct of doing the next right thing. I always fall short of the mark, but I will always continue to do my best. I am not giving up, I am just getting started. 

Today, I met a client who provides veterinary assistance to pets belonging to the homeless. Today, I have a sponsee who woke up with 31 days sober and doesn’t want to check out. Today, I talked to a mother that is doing her best to be the example she wants her child to be. Today, I have a daughter who is considering teaching as a means to change the future. Today, a friend asked me if I was okay and if I needed help. 

All of this and more is happening all around us, right now…today. This is hope in action. 

Don’t be a victim. 

Don’t be apathetic. 

Our chance to change the world hasn’t gone away. 

Our chance is now.

Change is now.

Keep fighting the good fight. 

Love is stronger than hate.
~ S.D. 


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