Powerlessness and Unmanageability 

​I have been meditating on powerlessness and unmanageablity.


What I understand of Step 1 with regard to alcohol, is this: Powerlessness is the physical “phenomenon of craving” where once started, I can’t control the amount I take. Unmanageability is the mental obsession where I have no control over staying stopped, even when I am not drinking. 

Both are associated with personal inability to control something that is uncontrollable. 
Looking at powerlessness and unmanageablity- beyond alcohol, I realize I have no control over people, places, things, situations and circumstance. 
I suspect that Powerlessness is my inability to control the moment; that which is  happening right now. I can see Unmanageablity as my inability to control the future or change the past. Powerlessness and Unmanageablity are my short-sided assumptions that things are not as I want them to be.
The solution for me lies in a Power Greater than myself. With principles such as: acceptance, gratitude,  truth, honesty, pause and the ability to act despite fear and self-centeredness, I am able to find “Power” that I have been unable to manifest on my own.
I do what I can (usually taking direction from someone other than myself), once I have made the effort, the results are the responsibility of my Higher Power. My relief and salvation are found in the action and the process of letting go, not the outcome. The byproduct of this “right living” is where I find happiness and contentment. Serenity, peace, balance and relief from my self-imposed crises come from the actions I take. 
Today I will work for my freedom.
~ S.D.


One thought on “Powerlessness and Unmanageability 

  1. I like to look at it as ‘means and ends’. My idea of control is based in ends, and my idea of acceptance in means.

    Within means, what means is how i am viewing control, for it isnot so much that i dont have control of things (i am powerless over intoxicants, physical, but also my ideas around them tend toward certain ends, mental), its really how things mean to me certain ends. The means are thus more central, more operative. The ends are invested in certain means, so i have only to attend to what means.

    When I’m driving my car down the street for sure I am in control of my car and I make decisions about when to stop how fast I’m going which way to turn and such, and indeed I’m trying to get to the store to buy groceries and so there is an and is involved in that means of driving a car.

    In my daily activities I interact with people and I control what they do; I sell Adrian striction items in so I have to see an ID in order to sell them alcohol and cigarettes. I am totally controlling the situation. These types of situations I have nothing to fear about. But I would say it’s because I have a certain meaning invested in them; I proceed upon them within certain means.

    We could then apply this notion to various areas of our lives, if we take that view and apply it to all of our life , to see that really there is nothing that I do that I’m controlling, that the very idea of controlling is based in a particular meaning upon the world. I kind a fundamental shift there by occurs in challenging the very notion of control. For indeed I’m powerless it every moment upon my situation but at the same time i must act and I must behave.

    I am a totality of what means. I am not a totality and what controls. And God is either everything or nothing, right?


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