Good Company 

​I sat next to Desperation, 

A familiar companion keeping me company when I had no one else.

Then I saw Hope, ever-elusive but beckoning to me from afar

To be with Hope I would have to first embrace Willingness
Desperation has a way of making Willingness more attractive 

And with Willingness, Hope drew closer, almost within reach

But as Desperation receded, so did my sweet Willingness
Complacency became my new bedfellow 

Pain had always been my catalyst for change

Without pain, I did not think change was possible 

But that was a lie
Could I have Willingness without Desperation? 

Must I feel Pain before I can have Relief? 

Can I give up Misery and Suffering to stand with Hope?
While I am occassionally visited by Desperation,

I no longer require that relationship to walk with Willingness

When I put Willingness before all else, Hope becomes attainable
Today, I have Hope


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