10, 11, 12

​Step Ten Prayer
I pray I that I may continue: 

To grow in understanding and effectiveness; 

To take daily spot check inventories of myself; 

To correct mistakes when I make them; 

To take responsibility for my actions; 

To be ever aware of my negative/self-defeating attitudes and behaviors; 

To keep my willfulness in check; 

To always remember I need the help of a Power Greater than myself; 

To keep love & tolerance of others as my code;

To continue in daily prayer how I can best serve a Higher Power.
Step Eleven Prayer
Higher Power, as I understand You, I pray to keep my connection with You open and clear from the confusion of daily life. Through prayer and meditation I ask especially for freedom from self-will, rationalization and wishful thinking. 

I pray for the guidance of correct thought and positive action. 

Your will, Higher Power, not mine, be done.
Step Twelve Prayer
Spiritual awakenings continue to unfold when I am in conscious contact with a Power Greater than myself. The help I have received I pass on to others, both in and out of the Fellowship. For this opportunity, I am grateful. 

I pray most humbly to continue walking, day by day, on this road of spiritual progress. 

I pray for the inner strength and wisdom to practice spiritual principles of in all I do and say. 

I need a Higher Power, my friends & the program- every hour of every day. 

This is proven to be a better way for me to live.


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