Can’t Stop A Train Wreck

​A codependent who enables is just as unable to differentiate the true from the false as the addict/alcoholic. 
My friends and family almost loved me to death. They were as sick as I was. Their hearts were in the right place, but they had no solution for my malady. They we neither the cause or the cure. They were powerless over me, my alcoholism and addiction. The way they were living made their lives just as unmanageable as my own.
Once they realized they were not victims, but volunteers, they began to see things as they really were. Once they found clarity and saw the reality of my illness, they found courage and strength enough to let me die. Once they got out of the way of me and my sickness, I was able to get desperate enough to seek a different way to live.
Thank you for loving me enough to let me go. And thank you even more for loving me enough to welcome me home now that I have a new way of life.

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