The exact nature of our wrongs

​After I hear a sponsee’s 4th step, I task myself with writing each of them a specific prayer inspired by their share with the hope of helping them identifying the things that block them from the sunlight of the Spirit.
Here are some examples:
Great Spirit,

Envelop me in Your vast current 

Sweep me up and carry me to where You would have me be

Teach me humility and make me right sized opposite my fellows and Your Greatness

Remind me that the distance I travel away from You is the same distance I must travel to get back 

I have work to do

I surrender my fear and cease fighting the waves

I float, buoyant, in Your care

On Your terms

In You time

According to Your plan

Thank You,
I am the resurrection and You are my life

I bury my past and give you my fears and resentments to manage for me

With You I will never be abandoned or alone

I no longer seek to sabotage Your will for me

Today we build a new foundation and emerge from this archway, twice born, filled with Your spirit

I am no longer a victim

I am an instrument for Your great works

Work through me so that I may be an example of Your grace

Thank You

Help me see myself through Your eyes

Show me I am not my thoughts or my feelings 

I am not the things I have done

I am not the person I was

Every day is a celebration of a New Way of Life 

I am no longer at the center

Fill me with Your spirit and let me share Your love with my fellows

The illusion of emptiness in my heart is space reserved for Your love

Teach me how to recognize Your presence in me

I am full

I am complete

I am Your’s 

You are the solution, inseparable from who I have become

Thank You

I am out of excuses

I am out of reasons

I am responsible for the consequences of my actions

Manipulation and dishonesty only blocks me from concious contact with You

I am ready to heal

I am willing to change

Let spiritual principles be my guide on the pathway to Your way of life

Thank You


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