My Campaign 

​Taking the high road will always have peaks and valleys. 

Hurdles and detours emphasize my need to address what is in front of me.

I watch my footing on the intimidating steeps and the rocky descents.

As the broad road narrows, each obstacle reminds me that the only way past where I am is through. 

When I blaze my own trail, I am distracted by ulterior intention and I become misdirected.

My shortcuts only serve to slow my progress as I try to get to a destination faster without experiencing the journey.

Good Orderly Direction is an incredible marathon, not a blind sprint. 

The next right step is rarely what think it should be and what I assume I want usually steers me off course. 

It is on the path that I exist, destiny is outside my comprehension. 

As I travel, inevitably, I find that the route has placed me exactly where I am supposed to be.

My aim is to move in this grand adventure with willingness, honesty and open-mindedness.

I trudge, walking with intent and purpose.
This is my campaign.
~ S.D.


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