There’s Enough

​I used to equate happiness with more. If I could just get this or that I would finally be satiated and complete. I never had enough of anything. I lived a lie. I was created complete. I lack nothing. I possess all the qualities required to be happy and at peace in this world. The only thing I lacked was a design for living.

The goal for this new way of life is not to manufacture contentment. Happiness isn’t achieved through self-determination and self-will, it is merely a byproduct of how we live. Serenity and peacefulness does not require more, it is found through living in balance, rather than extremes. Happiness is never out of reach.

This day was created to celebrate and rejoice in. Escape from the routine and mundane, as well as, the intolerable and unfavorable comes from redirecting attention towards the undeniable glory of this moment. When focus in the present is directed toward recognizing even the smallest of blessings, suffering, struggle and strife are all diminished proportionally. 

If we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed with the abundance of gifts that the Universe has put before us, our perception shifts and we become aware of the beauty that abounds. We limit ourselves in a Universe that knows no limits. 

We sell ourselves short by trying to create what already is. The goal must be to accept what is and partake in the next right action despite our own insecurities. 

I am complete and at peace in an unlimited Universe. 

~ S.D.



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