Peace Is

​Peace is the break I get from myself. 

Peace is the quieting of selfishness, resentment, fear and dishonesty.

Peace is a steady hand in the midst of nervous excitement.

Peace is an escape from anxiety and worry.

Peace is composure and piece of mind.

Peace is freedom from worldly clamor, chaos and calamity.

Peace is the tranquil lull between arguments.

Peace is existing balanced, grounded, centered and even keeled.

Peace is a stillness inside the turbulence.

Peace is consistent cooperation, compassion, empathy and equality.

Peace is patient pause and a gentle ear.

Peace is friendship, unity, support and solidarity.

Peace is synchronicity in the middle of confusion and discord.

Peace is reserved claiming and harmonious.

Peace is common neutrality and understanding.

Peace is assurance that all is as it should be.

Peace is serenity and acceptance.

Peace is love.

Peace is universal and inalienable.

Peace is a way of life.
Make time to recognize and embrace Peace throughout this day.


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