It’s not you, it’s me…

​I am never done suffering until I choose to be done suffering. When I struggle against acceptance and turn toward self-pity, my hopelessness grows.
Today, I am done fighting myself.
Little is perfect from my skewed, short-sighted perspective. Rarely is life the way I would have it be. 
I must be in acceptance of what is. Acceptance is not based on my approval or my condemnation. Acceptance is acknowledgement of what is at this moment.   
I get to be a “victim” of a specific circumstance one time. After that I am simply a “volunteer” for more of the same. Repeated struggle against what is becomes my choice.
I am responsible for the situations that I continue to put myself in, and the people I decide to interact with. My fight is not against “them” or “it.” My suffering is mine to deal with. I am culpable. I choose the action I can take and the role I play in this world. 
I determine how I want to live my life. 


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