Enjoy the Show

​I sought a problem-free life, one without chaos or conflict, a life where I control the outcome.
What I have come to know is that not only am I unable to control situation and circumstance, but usually when I get the result I thought I wanted I am left unfulfilled.
My responsibility lies in tending to my internal condition and curbing my instinctual response to external stimuli. I am accountable for my perspective and my perceptions. 
With every blessing comes a burden; with a car comes car problems; with a house comes household problems; with every friendship comes relationship problems. All of my perceived problems are all luxuries. Luxuries that I often complain about, but ones that I would rather not do without. 
My hardships and burdens are intrinsically linked to the things that bring me joy and comfort. I relinquish control over them simply by allowing them in my life.  
My job is not to run the show. My job is to enjoy the show as I walk with integrity and purpose.


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