Sober Horse Thief 

​What do you get when a drunken horse theif stops drinking?

A sober horse thief.
Not everyone has had a spiritual awakening. Not every person I meet is practicing a new way of life. The majority of addicts and alcoholics never find sobriety. The majority of sober people never take steps to change the way they live. 
I sit in rooms next to people just as sick as me. If I surround myself with admitted liars, cheats and thieves how can I expect anything more from them if they are not practicing a new way of living? 
I learn to watch the feet of my fellows. I make myself vulnerable and remain cautious. I choose to be giving of spirit because it is necessary if I want to be free from the bondage of self. I am careful of the herd so I don’t get trampled. I can only be hurt by those who I let hurt me.
The question is never If I should give. The question is when and how. Expectations are fuel for my future resentments, so I give without expecting any restitution. My return and reward is being recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body.
I don’t have to “keep coming back” since I made a decision to stay. I remain because it brings me joy; it has become my duty; it fulfills my debt to the ones who helped me; and the program is my insurance against the next drink and drug.
Do not mistake this kindness for weakness. 

My Higher Power has made me strong. 
~ S.D.


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