​I set out to do battle with a mighty mythical beast. Animated by anger and fueled by fear, I sought to control and conquer. I assembled an arsenal, preparing for all out assault. I decided attacking was my only recourse. 
I spent every waking moment roaming the lands far and wide in search of the creature that had devastated so many lives. If I managed to sleep, the rest was brief and my dreams were filled with hate and blood. My hunt had become my obsession and my prey remained ever elusive.
I thought my freedom and peace of mind lay with destroying what haunted me. What I failed to realize is that my pursuit would be never ending and hopeless if I continued to hunt the fabled fiend. I was fighting myself and the crusade was never mine to win.
I learned I had to surrender if I was to prevail. I stopped chasing devious dragons. When I quit looking for conflict I became a warrior without a war. I have put down my sword and picked up a shield. 
The best offense is a strong defense. 
~ S.D. 


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