Funny? Funny how?

​Am I a contradiction?

Can I carry an effective message, practice spiritual principles and be of maximum service to my fellows and still retain my “inappropriate” humor?

Should I feel conflicted for my thoughts?

Are not my actions a better testament to who I am?

Does joking draw them close or drive them away?

Is laughter healing?

Can I make light of what is painful and uncomfortable?

Is it harmful when I speak?

Are my words harming another?

Can I practice discretion? 

Do I choose my audience and filter accordingly?

Is spirituality incompatible with inappropriate humor?
Like any tool, humor can be an effective method of relating with others. When used out of context it can be harmful.
A hammer is intended to construct.  When used for its intended purpose it allows us to create more effectively.  A hammer can also kill when misused.
Teach me how to wield this hammer…
I earnestly believe that if I remain aware and stay on this path of continuous growth, that my Higher Power will remove the things that stand in the way of my usefulness and accentuate the gifts I possess which allow me to better serve my fellows.
I name it, claim it and ask God to tame it.

Make me who You would have me be.

Let no one judge Your works.

In Your time, 

On Your terms,

According to Your plan…


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