Advanced Directive 

When I am called to the Final Place of Peace and Comfort, let me go with as little pain, suffering and struggle as possible
I am not privileged with understanding the Grand Design, but I will always remain safe and protected in this life and the hereafter as an agent of something More
I ask family and loved ones to cope with all loss in a positive, productive and meaningful manner, in celebration of release from my shell
May the Time I’ve spent here be remembered and honored as my life force is transmuted to something else
Let my spirit be transformed into lessons, smiles and reminders for those whose lives I’ve touched and those I spent my days with while here 
Energy has never been created or destroyed, It merely changes form as I continue to contribute to the Great Cycle
I stretch out to the Universe, seeking acceptance and gratitude for what was, what is and what will be
I have done Good Work and I have remained ready for whatever the Universe has in store for me the instant I was gifted this New Life
Thank the Stars for the chance to experience Moments in the Presence of special Souls
Watch for me, I will be all around you


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