​Anger was an unexpected teacher, he came in uninvited and stayed too long. He set up camp in my home, leaving no room for my friends Peace and Serenity. 
Anger, the offspring of Fear and Blame, brought a strange comfort that made me feel protected but alone. He kept close company with Pain and Suffering. I hated the way they fueled my self-pity. We fought and they always won.
Pride stood by and watched, telling me that I still had control. Pride lied, but Ego told me Anger would protect me, so I chose to believe. 
Anger ruled with a firm hand, until one day when I was too tired to fight anymore. I prayed out loud for Anger to leave me and, at once, I began to feel at ease. Anger overheard and looked threatened. 
“You would see me leave you? Me? The one who stood loyally by your side?” Anger was shouting. He looked more like his parent,  Fear. “After all we have been through, you would shun me?”
I turned my back to Anger and he sulked away, scorned. He still visits me on occassion, peering through the windows into my life. I see him for what he is. Anger taught me who I truly desire to spend time with. Without Anger I would have never known Surrender and Truth. 
I acknowledge Anger’s presence, but there is no longer room for him in my home. Peace and Serenity have returned and given birth to Freedom. Today my house is full, even when I am alone. 
~ S.D.


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