“One morning not very long ago, I braided your hair and made you breakfast. 
Bundled in a warm jacket, I delivered you to school. We walked to class hand and hand. 
You didn’t want me to leave, but I promised you that it would be ok and that I would be back for you at the end of the day. 
When I came to pick you up you didn’t want to leave. I coaxed you back into the car, we didn’t walk hand in hand. You had swaped your jacket for a sweatshirt. 
When we got home you fed yourself. You got ready for bed and you brushed your own hair.  
I went to tuck you in I looked at you and realized I took my little girl to school and she came home a young lady. 
I miss my little girl but I love watching you become who you are.”
-A grateful father


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