There’s nothing wrong

It took another person, watching from the outside, to make it clear…

There is NOTHING wrong with me

There is NOTHING to be fixed
People close to me with big hearts were all trying to fix me and offering their insight on what I need to do

They love me and were trying to help me find relief. I appreciate it.
All of their suggestions left me feeling inadequate and I felt like I am somehow failing myself.

“If I would only do this or that, it would all be better”
I’m not doing it wrong

I’m not lacking

I’m not falling short

I’m not avoiding the work
I am in pain

I am hurting

I am doing what I can and it is all going to be ok
Right Now, in this moment, this is exactly what I am supposed to be feeling

I am sad

I am grieving

And that’s what I am supposed to feel

It is not ideal or how I would have it be, but its real
This too shall pass


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