Heal, Grow, Love 

I block myself from my own true nature and all that I could be.

I stand in the way of honest, healthy relationships with self, my fellow human beings and the expanding Universe.

The principles on which I used to operate no longer serve me.
My spirit heals.
Nothing is permanent.

Everything is changing.

It is in this moment that I live

With a solution.

The intolerable becomes temporary and fleeting.

I feel without attachment, nurturing or releasing each experience. 

I grieve without guilt.

I enjoy without expectation.

I remember without regret.

I serve without selfishness.
I grow.
My spirit heals and I grow.

I am infused with unlimited Power; I am a part of the Whole.

I find new purpose.

Keep me on task.

Help me through the moment with compassion and understanding.

Let me realize that as a channel for something Great, I no longer serve myself.
I am Love.


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