Rise and Shine 

I wake with no resentment, no selfishness, no dishonesty and no fear. I am fresh, alive and unburdened. The slate is clean and this day is one more unexpected gift that I can rejoice in. 
Subtly, the mundane routine begins to nudge at my conscience. Thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow fill my head, eclipsing the moment. I slip in and out of the Now, distracted by my plans and designs.


I redirect myself, sitting in the stillness and breathing in the quiet. Let me be Here. Sacred silence and closed-mouth contemplation are the simplest ways I can serve the Whole. The Universe wants my attention and I can best honor this calling by offering the seconds and minutes I would otherwise waste on insignificant preoccupations and drudgery. Time is an unpromised gift that I make into my personal commodity. Time does not belong to me. I share this blessing freely with gratitude. 
I turn my thoughts and my actions to a Power other than myself. I ask for guidance and direction throughout the day. Another chance and another beginning. I am connected, tethered to the present. I renew this commitment as a humble agent in service of the Greater Good.
Grant me strength and acceptance with all that is put before me.
~ S.D.


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