My Teacher

Pain stares ominously in my eyes and I look back, not wanting to show fear. He tells me to kneel, and in all my obstinacy I refuse. We have danced this dance before and I know I haven’t reached my threshold. I can tolerate more. I resist and he persists.
Pain smiles, knowing he can do this for eternity. Time means nothing to him. Pain is unrelenting. He jabs at my body. I become increasingly more stubborn and he laughs. My pride has always been tied to my tenacity and self-determination. I am in denial of how weak I feel inside. I sway and clench, clutching tighter to stave off Pain.
I reassure myself that I am in control. Wrapped in warped delusions, I almost believe my own lies. But Pain breaks my hold, taunting tirelessly. Sizing me up, he knows I am weak. Again he commands me to submit and get on my knees. Pain promises to stop this punishment if I just stop fighting. As a matter of perverted principle, I will not yield.
Then pain comes at me again, this time he pulls no punches to prove his point. I crumble, crushed. I never had a chance. Beaten and broken by Pain, the greatest of persuaders. I am on my knees, begging for help. 
I can get on my knees or be forced to them.

I have a choice- Be humble or be hobbled.
~ S.D.


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