Past time

Just SeanD. I don’t need the entoutage

6 foot 4, dust off the camouflage
Unleash the savage, to finish the damage

You couldn’t manage,  the ravenous ravage
The O.G. clown from downtown

In for a penny, put me down for a pound 
Servin the cervix, center ring of the circus

Now I know my primary purpose
Put my mind to it, I, Just, do this

Fuck all the haters. Et tu, Brutus
Take a little dip in the conscious collective

AdJust the lenses, correct perspectives
Never listen, never taking a hint

Like banging my head on cement
Dizzy and dazed, dazed and confused

The path I take is the path I choose
I swagger, stagger and I pull out the dagger

Was I the cutter or was I the stabber?
Time for a truce? can we move past it?

I bow my head and then they bury the hatchet
Forgive don’t forget, not forget to forgive

I’m down on my knees, you’re sharpening shivs 
You say stay back, so I stay, layback

Then you attack, calling it payback
I hit playback, you retract

A hack with the knack for twistin the facts
Bending over backwards, breaking my back

So I did what I did, I can’t take it back
Crook took the music, that’s fine

But my words and my rhymes? Them lines is mine
I Wuz Rappin’ ’bout Vicki’s Secret

It was all Fun’n’Games but you couldn’t keep it
Betta Off Dread, but you kept Gankin’

Speakin’ Of Devils? You need a spanking
How Could U? Whatz Wrong?

What’s Your Addiction to my song?
I’ll still rat-a-tat-tat on a Dirty Ratt 

Jump motherfucker?Motherfucker jump back
Defendin the Earth from my birth

I got Just Desserts, come do your worst
Pop-pop-pop, they all fall down

The Domino Effect is coming around
Runnin’ for your life, your through

They’re neva gonna catch me but I caught you
Now you set me free? That’s a laugh

I open the door as I hit the gas 
Lightening fast, quick clip of the quip

The cat got your tongue and you bit your lip…

~ S.D. 


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