An Easier, Softer Way

My Higher Power gives me more than I can handle as a reminder to rely on that Power and not on my own self will. The Universe wants me to contribute to the Whole. When I try to do too much and take, rather than give, I am overwhelmed and out of balance. My struggle has always been with myself and accepting the path before me. I exhaust myself by attempting to shape and mold situations and circumstances to how I would have them be. 
I pray for guidance, direction, strength and acceptance. The answer to my prayers usually comes when I least expect it. The solution rarely arrives packaged the way I think it should look, but it always comes.
When I honestly examine my relationship with a Power Greater than myself, I realize that every prayer I have ever asked has manifested itself, in some form or fashion, in my life. Selfish and material prayers often result in disappointment with lessons to be learned. When I pray selflessly and for the Greater Good, I find clarity in synchronicity that abounds in everything I do. 
For me, this has become the easier softer way. 
~ S.D.


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