From the outside, a web appears to be a tangled and snarled mess, haphazardly thrown together. It looks chaotic and confusing without beginning or end.
Closer examination reveals that a web is an intricate scheme, carefully engineered with specific purpose. Interwoven, all parts are significant and integral in their contribution to the Whole. When one strand of the web is plucked, the vibrations reverberate throughout the complex design and an effect is felt by the entire system. Each point is connected supporting one another in an unrealized interdependence. 
Our humanity places us in a web of connectedness. We are tethered, bridging the  distance between one another. We are linked for one cause, to share with one another. We share Love, healing and growth with each other. No strand is greater or less than another and all are equally important in service of the Grand Design.
Remember to pull gently on the web as each and every action has repercussions, felt throughout the whole. 
~ S.D.


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