Middle Ground 

I seek equilibrium
Root me balanced between polar opposites 

Help me develop an accurate awareness of my true nature 

Give me respect for both my assets and defects

Grant me harmony amidst who I was and what I will be 

Keep me centered in acceptance of what once was and what will be

Ground me firmly in the reality of today

Show me healthy boundaries between selfishness and selflessness

Bless me with understanding of the true and the false

Divest me from expectation and resentment

Let me be in action without relying on manipulation and control

Free me of dependence and external validation 
My existence is found in the median of the past and the future

I live on common ground with my fellows 

My efficiency and effectiveness rest in the Now

I am married to the the present through process

My next right action is independent of reliance on outcome and results 

I cross the bridge of faith from fear to freedom

My peace and serenity are sustained by neutrality 

I am neither less or more, I am enough
I seek equilibrium 
~ S.D.


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