She Made A Decision 

The Death of a Nightmare 
There she lays in silent slumber. Enveloped in dormancy, waiting to come alive. On the outside, a sleeping beauty hides the turmoil and strife that fills her subconscious. Her mind consumed with terror, crippled by paralytic fear. 
Slowly, she comes to; returning from no where to now here. The brightness of a new day burns and her eyelids flutter. Squinting past the pain, her eyes adjust, bringing new clarity and focus. 
With the Sun comes a decision. Not an earth shaking declaration, just a simple, yet crucial and vital compromise between her and her place in this day. An agreement to be connected and inseparable from the rest of the Universe.
She chooses another path, just one step in an unfamiliar direction. A small gesture that profoundly changes the entire nightmarish existence she had come to believe was the only way.
This time the decision is not just a fleeting thought, but a conscious and deliberate action. She moves from the weight of the darkness toward the warmth of the sunlight. Sitting up, she inhales the spirit, awakened and alive.


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