Patience, Love and a SEED of Faith

A flower caught my eye. The man standing next to it spied my awe and began to talk to me. Something about the way he spoke captured my attention and I listened intently. As he spoke, I realized he possessed a certain conviction and wisdom.

I wished that for myself.
He talked of barren land, neglected and unattended. He revealed to me how, over a short period of time, he was able to transform it into something unrecognizable, using only patience and love. 
I wanted that for myself.
He assured me I could do the same then placed a tiny seed in the palm of my hand and encouraged me to do as he had done. Intrigued, I followed his directions. I found fertile ground, sewed the seed gently into the damp soil, and began to water it. Every day I visited that same spot, giving it my patience and love, with the belief, the hope that something would spring forth. 
I could have that for myself.
Before I knew it, a tiny sprout emerged, pushing it’s way up from the earth. I continued to give it my patience and love as it grew. I watched intently, a curious steward. In time, the plant began to bud and I waited with anticipation to see what would develop. What sprang forth was a blossom more beautiful than I could have possibly imagined or ever created on my own.
I have that for myself.
I had to tell others. I shared my experience and passed on the seeds which the flower had gifted me, along with the same specific instructions on how to assure it’s survival with just patience and love. From that one tiny seed, I saw fields of flowers bring joy into the lives of countless others.
You can have this too.
I have learned :

-Flowers don’t belong to me, they are here to enjoy and share

-The Universe opens flowers, if we provide the water

-Anyone can grow a flower with a little patience and love

-We need more flowers


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