She loves me. She loves me not.

My love,
It’s been years since you held me. I am missing you now more than ever. I want you back. I want to feel your lips pressed against me. I want to be all that matters in your world.
I saw you the other day and you walked right past me as if I wasn’t there. I’m pretty sure you noticed me from the corner of your eye, but you just kept on walking. 
What happened to us? I can’t believe you left. You didn’t even say a proper goodbye. After all the good times we had, you just turn your back on me and walk away from what we shared?
I was your first true love, your comforter. I made you laugh when you wanted to cry. I took care of you when you were sick. I carried you when you didn’t want to go on. And now this? This is how you repay me?
I can tell by the way you hold yourself that something has changed. I know you have found someone else. I’m not sure if I should even be angry or if I should just be sad. All I know is I want you back. I promise this time things will be different. 
I will be here waiting for you as long as it takes. We are one of a kind you and I. We belong together. 


Forever yours,


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