All or None?

I woke up healthy in a bed, in a home, with a full stomach.
I have:

2 beautiful, intelligent children and an ex wife who is a dedicated mother and a reasonable human being,

A job,

A car,

A solution for any problem that I may encounter,

And unlimited access to a Power greater than myself.
I do not need a drink or a drug to deal with whatever perceived problems I think I have. I am twice born and every single event in my life is a gift from You to me. I have everything and I have nothing. 
All of this is Yours…

Your car,

Your job,

Your daughter,

Your son,

Your food,

Your house,

And Your way of life.
All that is, belongs to You. 

Without You, I have nothing.

Without You, I am nothing.
I thank a Power Greater than me for allowing me experience all of these gifts for another day.
~ S.D.


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