A-nom means “no name” or without a name. To me, anonymity is the practicing of being nameless.
Being an anonymous member of an organization means I am representing all of the other affiliations I typically use to define myself. I am merely one of many and a part of the larger whole. I check my individual baggage and associations at the door as I enter the room.
Within the group to which I belong, I have observed 3 types of “anonymity” which I identify as- personal anonymity, group anonymity and spiritual anonymity. Personal anonymity is an individual’s decision to reveal, or not reveal to other people outside of the organization, his or her affiliation. Group anonymity is the understanding that the welfare of the whole supercedes the wants, and even the needs, of the individual. Spiritual anonymity is based in practicing humility and the belief that the individual doesn’t take credit or gain for contributions to the betterment of the whole. 
Anonymity should never be a veil to hide behind. Keeping the message of recovery a secret is selfish. Anonymity cannot be rooted in fear, shame or embarrassment. Our  past is a testament to hope. Being anonymous is contrary to everything one’s ego seeks to believe- anonymity is a spiritual practice that serves the Greater Good.
“To God goes the glory.”
~ S.D.


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