I am Willing

Willingness to go to any length to find hope while in the midst of hopelessness can be an intimidating and overwhelming proposition. At first glance, “willingness” is a daunting word. It is defined as: ready to act without reluctance; accepted and done of choice; pertaining to a voluntary sacrifice; agreeable, free and unforced. This means willingness is not a virtue that anyone else can give me. I must find my own willingness.
To be “willing” is an essential ingredient for healing, growth and change. There is no instant or magic fix for the seemingly hopeless state of the internal human condition. At best, I am perfectly flawed and flawlessly imperfect. I must be willing to develop into something more. 
The process of change requires: acceptance of the problem; believing that there is a solution; deciding to do try a new path; examining past causes and conditions; and discovering the true nature of self. It sounds like a lot to ask of someone who is desperate. 
Thankfully, willingness to believe in hope has to be only slightly greater than one’s  tolerance for suffering. While pain can be a catalyst, one need not be miserable in order to be willing to do something different. It doesn’t take much willingness to begin. Through reflection and self-appraisal, I can seek a new direction with a mustard seed of hope, watered by a thimble full of willingness. 
“To be willing” is not a monumental event, it is simply a choice. It is sitting through the uncomfortable. It is saying yes to growth and change. It is helping another. It is inconvenient. It is progressive. It is surrendering self to become a part of something Greater. It is the next step in a path less traveled.
Willingness to have faith in hope is a new way of life that does not end with intention. Willingness must be renewed and followed by conscious, continuous action. Willingness is a molten liquid seeking to fill the foundation on which right action is built. 
I am willingness embodied.


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